Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Second Finish of the Year

Good Wednesday Morning.  I hope all of you are well and having great success with your projects.
We experienced a rare 5" of snow over the weekend, which gave me LOTS of stitching time.   I am on track with my Frosted Pumpkin SAL.  I completed the January block on Friday evening.

I am also excited to say I have my 2nd Finish for 2016!  On Saturday the 23rd I put the final touches on  Lizzy*Kate's Afternoon in Paris. I will not FFO this until the series is completed. 

A bit wrinkly--sorry!
So far this year, I've stitched a little bit everyday.  If you'd like to see daily updates, check out my instagram @farmboyslove.  I'd love it if you stop by sometime. 
Until next time Happy Stitching  = )Pam

Monday, January 18, 2016

First Finish of 2016

Hey Yall!  I have a finish. I actually finished the stitching on Jan 14 on the Summer House Stitche Works Postcards New Year Design. 

I waited until today so that I could show you my FFO:

It is now happily sitting in my office at work keeping me company!  I've also worked on Afternoon in Paris.  Here's where I was as of Dec 31:

Final pic of 2015 ORT Jar
And here's where I am now!

Day 14 Challenge Piece

Wont be much longer on this one and it will be finished as well. I just have to add a cloud, some handles for my cups and finish a row of border. 

My final start to the Cross Stitch Crazy 15 day challenge has been started. It's the Frosted Pumpkin 2016 Mystery SAL The Pumpkin Passport.  Here's where I've gotten to on it:

Day 15--Frosted Pumpkin
My current plan is to work on this until I have the border and the January block completed.  After that I will begin putting my starts into a rotation.  Right now I'm contemplating working on the corresponding day of the month that I began/picked up the project from January.  I will keep  you updated!  Until then....Happy Stitching everybody!  =) Pam

Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Post of Jan 2016

Hey Yall! Thank you for your kind words after my Aunts passing.  Christmas was definitely different this year.  Almost the entire family gathered at my house and we ate and sang Karaoke.  I have videos, but promised I would not post them on Social Media.

I signed up for the Cross Stitch Crazy 2016 challenge, where I work on a different project for the first 15 days of January. And joy of all joys,  I've kept up.  Day one I was not feeling well & was also trying linen for the first time, so I put ONE stitch in.  Ha!  I do plan to work on this again the next time I go to my LNS.

Kit from Sam Sarah
Day 2 is my first time stitching on Fabric from Hand dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.  I am currently in her Fabric of the Month Club and this is the first piece I received called Thorn haven.  It was meant to be a Halloween piece, but the colors were too perfect not to use for this design.  It's actually a little greener than it appears here. 
Day 2 Lizzy*Kate Promise Me
Day 3 is a kit that I've had in my stash for quite a while now and I just had to start it.  This one will take a while. I'm planning to stitch it on the weekends when it's very Sunny outside! Black fabric--what was I thinking?
Day 3 Dimensions Kit--Whole Lotta Latte
You may notice a theme with a few of my projects this year and Day 4 is the first of several.  I'm creating a guest room and featuring maps, destinations etc.  I have not determined if this will be a bed pillow or framed piece to display somewhere in the room yet.  I must finish a few projects first. 
Day 4 --SC
Day 5 was a free chart I received in either Nov or Dec 2015.  I am currently considering gifting it to one of my nieces for 2016 advent. 
Day 5--Countdown to Christmas by Stoney Creek
Another of my guest room projects shows up on Day 6.
Day 6--Afternoon in London by Country Cottage Needleworks

 I've also started my first time using silk threads.  I love the feel of the floss and I seem to stitch faster, however I don't love the non-colorfast aspect of it.  Not 100% on board....yet! : )  I do love the designs though!!!  Both Day 7 & 8 were originally gifted to me in Dec 2011. Bout time I get them stitched & on my walls. 

Day 7 LHN--1st day of Silks

Day 8--2nd day of Silks

Day 9 was a stitch along last fall by Sunshine Stitches I was able to add the bottom leaves and then noticed that I'd messed up the top and left side.  Now I will have to sit with the FROG for a bit before I can progress--UGH!!!  Apparently for me, counting is HARD. 

Day 9--added the bottom leaves
Day 10 was a Stitch Along sponsored by Sunshine Stitches I believe in 2013.  It is my understanding that both of these designs are available on her blog here
Day 10
I brought this guy back out for day 11, but again was not feeling well and only accomplished about 10 stitches , so I didn't even take an after photo *gasp!
Day 11--Before

Day 12 is my first ever Mill Hill kit.  I was really apprehensive with regard to the perforated paper, but so far I'm loving it. The paper is stronger than I anticipated it being.  Really didn't want to stop working on it either. 
Day 12--Mill Hill
Day 13 stitched up fairly quickly and the photo is where I stopped last night.  I will admit I had 30 minutes this morning and I've already finished the left side of the design.  Hopefully by Sunday this little gem will be my first finish of 2016.
Day 13

I have two more projects.  Tonight I plan to work more on Afternoon in Paris by Country Cottage Needleworks. Tomorrow Day 15 will be my First Ever Frosted Pumpkin Design and I'll be stitching their 2016 Mystery Sal.  I didn't realize I had so many "first" planned for this year it has just worked out that way.  I have one more "first" planned for Feb 20. I will be taking a class at my LNS for beginning Ukrainian Whitework.  I'm so excited!!
I know this was a long update, so thank you for reading til the end.  Until next time, Happy Stitching  = ) Pam
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