Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Welcome March

O My Goodness, this year is flying!  February was not a good stitching month for me.  I almost nearly lost my stitching bug completely. I was so excited to take a class  and learn some specialty stitches at my LNS.  The designer was wonderful (she taught the class) and  the project was beautiful. This is the cover for the design.
wow this photo is wonky! But you get the gist. 
 I however was a basket case!  I was in tears within the first 15 minutes & very nearly just got up and walked out of the class. I really still cant talk about it without getting upset again.  Suffice it to say "I HATE STITCHING ON LINEN"  If that was all there was to stitch on I would NEVER stitch again!!!!!!  I guess I'm glad I took the class.  I did learn several things, though I'm not sure I'll every use them?

I did  managed to work on a couple of  my January projects. I attempted to find another silk to use in the blank spaces of the border.  Kit includes black, but I really dont want to use it. I purchased a variegated hot pinkish color, but I'm just not feeling it either.  UGH!  So this one has been put away for now. 
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I also have a FINISH!  I love how it turned out.  I'm still debating on how I will FFO it-- a small frame, pillow or  a door hanger.  Decisions, decisions....

Now for my March plans.  I watch a lot of Floss Tube while I stitch & I'm in a couple of Facebook groups as well.  I'd already signed up with one of the groups to stitch a Mirabilia SAL this month.  I have also decided to join Jessie Marie of Jessie Marie Does Stuff on Floss Tube in stitching Mostly Monogamous March Mirabilia.  Yep, that's a mouthful!  Basically other than my Frosted Pumpkin March "block" I will only be stitching on the one Mira project all month. Makes for an easy rotation huh? Here'my chosen design:

 I'm gonna try my best to give you weekly updates here on the blog.  Of course, when I stitch I update Instagram daily so check me out there as well @farmboyslove. 
I hope you all are doing well.  Happy Stitching  = ) Pam 

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  1. Sorry the class frustrated you. I really hate stitching on linen too. It just looks wrong to me. I wish you lots of luck on your Mirabilia!! She is beautiful. Love your South Carolina piece! I think the hot pinkish color is beautiful.


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