Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Up to my old habits

Sorry guys,  I've fallen off the wagon yet again!  I have good intentions, really I do. 
I have been stitching and posting on Instagram, but can't seem to find the time to blog. I do have a "new" computer at home now, so NO MORE EXCUSES.

 I may have gone completely crazy this year, but "its for science".  Not only did I participate in the Crazy January Challenge and start my first ever Mira chart, I also participated in a Facebook Group challenge of  Stitch Maynia.  I now have 15 more NEW Starts.  Just decided that I'm never going to finish them if I don't START!
I wont bore you with photos of ALL the starts, I'll try to show them as I work on them though. 

I have finally stitched another square for Love Quilts USA (click name for link) They have gone thru some changes, have a new website and are now on Facebook. This particular square was a special project and is much smaller than a usual stitch.  I quite like how it turned out!

One other update I'll share for now is my Frosted Pumpkin Passport 2016 Mystery SAL.  I'm currently working on May's release but am going to have to frog some, so.....here's Jan - April.  I have made some personalizatons to certain portions:

Until next time, Happy Stitching Yall =)Pam

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